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5 Different Sherwani Styles For Grooms As Per Your Body Type

Sherwanis are the first choice for men for any upcoming wedding or formal event. Men's Sherwani are considered regal due to their traditional and cultural importance. Whether it is a wedding event or any cultural celebration, Sherwani is the first choice for designs in the USA. People living abroad miss their cultural values, especially in times of wedding festivities. One thing that keeps them connected is their dressing options. Therefore, Sherwani stands as a symbol of grace, embodying traditional values.

Apart from their historical significance, the latest Sherwani designs for marriage have versatility. There are various options for different body types to choose the perfect cut for themselves as any other garment tailored to the body's contours gives a well-proportioned look. Sherwanis are also designed for different body types to provide a structured look. For desis residing in New York, California, or Texas, Masood Adnan has brought authentic Sherwanis that complement their body type.

In this blog, we will study various body types; later, we will understand different cuts of Sherwani for the groom relative to their body type and how it can make a difference in the overall look. We want to tell the audience that the Sherwani that goes with your body type looks the best, not the ones that are shown on the magazine covers. Many people need to understand that Sherwanis can be tailored to enhance the overall personality of the groom.

Understanding Body Types:

Before selecting the perfect Sherwani style for the groom, it's advised to consider the groom's body type so that the overall look is flattering and well-proportioned. Let us overview various body types and their features that shall be regarded while selecting Sherwani for groom for their big day.

Sherwani for Groom for Different Body Types

●  A person with a slim body has a lean frame. They have a low muscle definition. Their shoulders, chest, and waist are narrow, which gives them a slender appearance.

●    A person with an athletic body type has well-defined muscles. The chest, shoulders, and arms are broad and have high muscle definition in these areas. They have a wide, muscular build but have a low-fat percentage, which gives them a good physique.

●    A person with a Tall structure has an elongated stature with long body parts. Due to their stature, they often have a larger frame and can easily carry fitted and longer sherwani styles.

●    A person with a Short structure has a petite stature, shorter body parts, and a compact build. The more petite frame may benefit from Sherwani styles that give an illusion of good height.

●   A person with a Plus-size body type has a larger body frame. They have pronounced curves and a high body fat percentage. Plus-sized individuals have broader shoulders, a fuller chest, and a wider waistline.

Each body type is different from the others and has unique characteristics. They can choose Sherwani for their big day, but they need to select the cut wisely as slim individuals can choose a fitted sherwani and definition to their structure. At the same time, plus-sized individuals can go for A-line cuts to give a slimming effect and not showcase their fat area. Similarly, Tall grooms can go for fitted or long Sherwani, whatever goes with their stature. For a petite body type short Sherwanis with trousers can work best.

5 Different Sherwani Styles For Grooms

For selecting the best sherwani style for the groom, it is essential to understand the key characteristics of the body type. A great sherwani, but one that does not go with your kind of body will not be aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, a mediocre sherwani for men that goes with the type of body will look flattering and enhance the appearance of the groom's personality. The groom will look confident to carry it on their big day.

1. Fitted Sherwani for Groom

Fitted sherwanis will look great on slim and athletic body types. These sherwanis complement the groom's physique by showcasing the body's contours. The sleek and stylish look suits slim and athletic body types. The Sherwani’s silhouette follows the body's contours, giving a well-fitted look on the waist and sleeves. This Sherwani is perfect for the grooms with a toned physique; they can make a stylish statement. A well-stitched fitted sherwani made of silk or brocade with intricate embroidery or embellishments is the dream wedding attire for the grooms of the USA.

2. New Style A-Line Sherwani Design for men

A-Line sherwanis are characterized by a flared silhouette that gradually widens from the shoulders to the hem, resembling the shape of the letter "A." This new style sherwani design for men is particularly suitable for tall grooms, adding balance and proportion to their stature. The flared silhouette of an A-Line sherwani helps create the illusion of a broader frame and provides a flattering silhouette for tall individuals. These sherwanis often feature intricate embroidery or embellishments along the neckline or hem to enhance their regal appearance. A-Line sherwanis are typically crafted from rich fabrics like velvet or jacquard, adding to their royal charm.

3. Latest  Short Sherwani designed for marriage

Short sherwanis are intended to be cropped at the waist or hip, creating the illusion of height and elongating the body. This style is perfect for shorter grooms who want to add length to their silhouette and create a more proportionate look. Short sherwanis often feature a fitted bodice and a flared hemline, giving the illusion of a taller frame. These sherwanis are usually crafted from lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen, making them comfortable for extended periods. Short sherwanis can be adorned with minimal embellishments or embroidery to keep the look sleek and sophisticated.

4. Structured Sherwani for the groom:

Structured sherwanis are tailored to provide support and structure to the body, making them ideal for plus-size grooms. These sherwanis feature defined cuts and lines that help streamline the silhouette and create a slimming effect. Structured sherwanis typically have a fitted bodice and structured shoulders, giving the groom a more polished and refined appearance. These sherwanis are often crafted from sturdy fabrics like wool or tweed, which help maintain the shape and structure of the garment. Structured sherwanis may be embellished with subtle embroidery or embellishments to add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the overall look.

5. Angrakha Sherwani design for men

Angrakha sherwanis feature a unique crossover or wrap-style design that offers flexibility in fit and can be adjusted to flatter different body shapes. This versatile style suits various body types and allows the groom to customize the fit according to their preferences. Angrakha sherwanis typically have a draped front panel that overlaps asymmetrically and is secured with ties or buttons. This style offers a relaxed and comfortable fit, making it perfect for grooms who want to make a statement while still feeling at ease. Angrakha sherwanis are often crafted from flowing fabrics like chiffon or georgette, adding movement and fluidity to the garment. These sherwanis may feature intricate embroidery or embellishments along the neckline or sleeves, enhancing their visual appeal and giving them a touch of regal elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer customization options for Sherwanis?

Yes, at Masood Adnan, we understand that every groom has unique preferences and requirements for their wedding attire. That's why we offer customization options for our Sherwanis, allowing you to personalize details such as color, fabric, embellishments, and sizing to create a truly bespoke garment that reflects your individual style and personality.

How do I know which Sherwani goes best with my personality?

It is advised to check your body type before confirming your body type. In today's day and age, you have a variety of platforms that tell about your body type virtually. You can pick your body stature and look for images of celebrities and models similar to your physique. You will get a good idea of what will look good on you.


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