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Modern vs Traditional Sherwani for Men which one should you choose?

When it comes to fashion of men especially for the events like weddings and formal events sherwani proves to be a presentable choice of outfit but it is always a competition between modern vs traditional sherwani. Traditional sherwanis over the years have evolved much ranging from traditional styles to contemporary styles. Choosing between traditional or modern sherwanis can be difficult or challenging at times. Let’s discuss both styles in detail to help you make a better decision.

The Traditional Sherwani: A Timeless Classic

The sherwani is a coat like dress. Traditional sherwani always represent elegance, power and sophistication. It is often paired with churidar or straight trouser and is highlighted with beautiful embroidery and ornaments.

Design Elements:

●        Fabric: Traditional sherwanis are usually made from fabrics like silk, brocade or velvet. These fabrics not only enhances the unique look of sherwanis but also glorifies the dress

●        Embroidery: Beautiful hand embroidery, zari work and ornaments with beads and stone work is the unique feature of Masood Adnan’s traditional sherwanis

●        Colors: Traditional sherwanis look more presentable in deep and rich colors like maroon, gold, emerald green and navy blue. These colors give royal and majestic look to the sherwanis.

Traditional Sherwanis are designed to give you a straight fit and are often of knee length. Masood Adnan’s traditional sherwanis are designed to enhance your stature and presence making it perfect for grand occasions.

When to Choose a Traditional Sherwani

●        Weddings: Traditional Sherwanis are perfect choice for grooms who want to portray a combination of cultural heritage and royal elegance on their special day.

●       Festivals and religious ceremonies: You can opt for traditional sherwanis for Diwali, Eid and other ceremonies where traditional outfit is preferred.

The Modern Sherwani: A Contemporary Twist

With changing fashions and trends, sherwanis have also evolved with times to cater modern tastes. Modern sherwanis contains the essence of traditional outfit but incorporates the modern elements to target fashion loving men.

Design Elements:

●        Fabric: Masood Adnan’s modern sherwanis comes in a variety of fabrics including lightweight materials like cotton, jacquard and linen, making them more comfortable and reliable for long term wear.

●       Embroidery: Unlike heavily designed traditional sherwanis, modern sherwanis contains minimal embroidery or even digital prints. The focus is mainly on clean designs to enhance the style.

●      Colors:  Modern sherwanis are available in wide range of colors, including unique pastel colors and unusual shades like mint green and burgundy.

Modern sherwanis for men often incorporates unique cuts and styles like asymmetrical hems, shorter lengths and tailored fit fittings to highlight your body type and physique.

When to Choose a Modern Sherwani

●        Weddings: Modern sherwanis are best for the grooms that want to combine traditional outfit with modern designs. These are popular for urban or themed weddings.

●        Reception Parties:  Modern sherwanis are ideal for fashion loving men to make their appearance presentable in parties.

Modern Sherwani for Grooms

Grooms today are greatly moving towards modern sherwani a design that portrays their own style. Modern wedding sherwani look contains combination of classic elegance and modern flair. Grooms can choose from Masood Adnan designs ranges from minimally styled embroidery to heavy ornaments to bold patterns. 

Modern Muslim Sherwani Wedding Dresses for Men

For Muslim weddings, the modern sherwanis offers a unique mix of traditional and contemporary style. Masood Adnan’s ranges of modern Muslim sherwanis consist of modest designs with unique detailing that shows cultural values with modern aesthetics. They can be traditionally paired with turban or modern headgear like stylish safa.

Modern sherwani designs for mens wedding groom

Modern sherwani wedding stands out the best options for those looking for the ideal outfits for their big days. The modern sherwani for men ensures that the groom appears dashing and elegant by fusing classic elegance with modern touches. These modern sherwani designs cater to the delicate preferences of today’s fashion forward men with their stunning embroidery, rich fabrics and stylish cuts. The modern sherwani elegantly enriches the wedding outfit making it an outstanding style statement.

Traditional Sherwani for Men

Despite growing popularity for modern styles, traditional sherwani for men remains the best choice for many. Traditional sherwani is particularly favored by those who want to represent their cultural heritage with a timeless statement of elegance.

Traditional Sherwani for Wedding:

Traditional sherwani for wedding is an evergreen option that never fails to leave its impression on everyone around you. Traditional sherwanis elegant designs, rich fabric and regal color makes it unique to make sure the groom looks best on his big day.

Is Sherwani a Traditional Dress?

Yes, Sherwani is a traditional dress that has been worn in South Asia for centuries and has its deep rooted history and cultural significance which makes it honorable attire that continues to be a part of important events and celebrations.

Modern VS Traditional Sherwani:

Choosing between traditional or modern sherwani heavily depends on the personal preferences of the wearer, wedding style and cultural considerations. Both styles are unique in their own ways and have their own benefits.

Traditional Sherwani is perfect for those who want to honor their heritage and cultural preferences. It is ideal for weddings and ceremonies that emphasizes on classic elegance.

Modern Sherwani is for those grooms who want to follow fashion along with trends. It is best for a wedding that mixes tradition with innovation along with comfort and versatility.

Traditional sherwanis with their unique work and luxurious fabric can be more expensive. Modern sherwanis offers a wide range of options from designer pieces to more affordable and comfortable options without compromising on style and elegance.

Choosing modern sherwani for grooms or traditional sherwanis for wedding functions both options will guarantee that you will look best on your big day. Whether you choose timeless elegance of traditional sherwani or sleek sophistication of modern sherwani, you are all set to leave a prominent impression. In the end the best option is the one that describes you and your personality the best and makes you feel comfortable and confident.


1. What is the difference between modern sherwani and traditional sherwani?

The main difference lies in the design, fabric and overall style. Traditional sherwanis are made up of rich fabric, embroidery and classic cuts, whereas modern sherwanis are composed of lighter fabric, unique designs and patterns.

2. Can I wear a modern sherwanis in a traditional wedding?

Yes, you can wear modern sherwanis in traditional weddings but it is important to pick a design that adds modern touch without overlooking the requirements of the event.

3. Are modern sherwanis comfortable?

Modern sherwanis are made up of light fabric and unique cuts and embroidery that keep you comfortable and fresh during long events.

4. How can a traditional sherwani be accessorized?

The best accessories for a traditional sherwani can be classic pieces like turban or dupatta. For extra elegance and style you can wear brooch or cufflinks.

5. What are the popular color options for modern sherwanis?

 Modern sherwanis are available in wide range of colors, the popular color options are unique pastel colors and unusual shades like mint green and burgundy.

6. Can I mix the elements of traditional and modern sherwanis?

Of course, many designers like Masood Adnan offers customization for the clients that want to add their own changes according to their preferences. So yes you can ask the designers to merge the elements of both traditional and modern sherwanis.


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