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Prince Coat vs Sherwani: Which is best for Your Wedding?

Choosing the proper wedding dress takes work because there are many choices. For a groom, two main types of attire are "prince coat" or "sherwani." Both have unique charms and attractions and even equally reflect elegance and sophistication. So, in this blog post, we will focus on some aspects of prince coats vs sherwanis, including their differences in styles and cultural importance or when it is appropriate to wear them depending on the themes of weddings. Whether in Indiana, Florida, Alaska, Francisco, or any other city in the USA, this guide will help you decide the best attire for your big day.

Prince Coat vs Sherwani

Understanding the Prince Coat

Men prince coat for groom weddings

The prince coat, a bridegroom's favorite, is also called a prince suit or a bandh gala (closed collar). It is a versatile top that mixes present-day and traditional fashions from the Indian royal setting. This is typically a knee-length jacket with a closed collar, detailed designs, buttons, or occasionally even jewels beautifully drawn. It can be accompanied by trousers or churidars depending on the desired look.

Features of a Prince Coat

Fabric: Luxurious materials such as silk, velvet, and brocade are commonly used to make Prince Coats, giving it a rich and royal appearance.

Design: The range of designs includes simple and heavy handed styles, making it suitable for different types of weddings.

Comfort: The prince's coat has a comfortable and unique fitting cut that facilitates easy motion; this is vital for a groom during his wedding.

Understanding the Sherwani

Men sherwani for weddings

Sherwani is a famous and essential wedding outfit. The Sherwani is a long coat that generally goes below the knee, usually accompanied by churidars or trousers. It is renowned for looking expensive and luxurious, making it a choice for grooms to choose Sherwanis for their big day.

Features of a Sherwani

Fabric: Sherwanis are created from different fabrics, including silk, brocade, and velvet. Fabric choice can largely determine how the Outfit appears and feels.


Design: Sherwanis frequently come with unique embroidery, zari work, and ornaments. Depending on one's taste, it is possible to have heavily decorated ones or those with less embroidery.

Comfort: Sherwanis, although generally heavier than prince coats, are designed to look noble without compromising comfort.

Wedding Attire Comparison

  1. Cultural Significance: In Indian weddings, both outfits are culturally significant. Representing royalty and elegance, the prince coat often reminds others of these two concepts, while the Sherwani signifies tradition and grandeur.

  2. Versatility: The prince coat is preferred for style consistency and matching various kinds of trousers. On the other hand, sherwanis are more fixed in a traditional manner.

  3. Comfort: A lighter weight and more fitted, a prince coat is more comfortable in warmer regions. Despite their grandeur, sherwanis might need to be bulkier for hot weather conditions and to suit cooler climates.

  4. Occasion Suitability: Sherwanis are often preferred for formal and grand weddings because of their rich look. Prince coats are versatile as they can be used in informal and formal scenarios.

Best Wedding Attire for Different Themes

Traditional Weddings: Prince coats can also be worn in these celebrations, but it might be better to go for a Sherwani because of its cultural richness.

Modern Weddings: Grooms today like wearing outfits such as a prince Suit with fashionable designs and fits.

Destination Weddings: A man who decides to get married at a beach or outdoors should put on a lighter prince coat to keep comfort, and for those who celebrate indoors, like banquet halls, during the day or night, Sherwani is a good option.

Groom Fashion Tips: Choosing the Right Attire

●       Understand the theme: Choose your Outfit according to your wedding theme. For a royal theme, go for a heavily embroidered sherwani. For a modern theme, a sleek prince coat might be more appropriate.


●       Consider the climate: Consider the weather in these places when choosing your Outfit. Use lightweight fabrics if you're going somewhere warm instead of thicker ones. On the contrary, heavier materials can be recommended against harsh cold conditions like snowfall areas where winter lasts longer than summer months do.


●       Personal style: In the end, wear clothes that suit your individuality and make you confident. Both prince coats and sherwanis have various styles, and you are likely to find one that is in line with your preferences.


Prince Coat: Pair Prince Coat with a pocket square, a brooch, and classic dress shoes. A turban or a stole can be added for the traditional touch.

Sherwani: Accessories like turbans, mojaris (traditional Indian footwear), or dupattas (stoles) can enhance the royal look of a sherwani. And remember to wear some jewelry like pearl necklaces and brooches for more style and richness.

Prince Coat VS Sherwani: Best Traditional Wedding Wear

Prince Coat VS Sherwani

When it comes to traditional wedding wear, especially for grooms, the Prince Coat and Sherwani are two popular choices that blend cultural elegance with modern style. Inspired by regal fashion, the Prince Coat is a shorter, fitted jacket that exudes sophistication and is often paired with trousers. It is ideal for a contemporary yet traditional look, making it a favorite in cities like San Francisco, where fashion-forward choices are celebrated.


On the other hand, the Sherwani, a long, intricately embroidered coat worn over a kurta and churidar or trousers, is a classic staple of South Asian weddings. Its luxurious fabrics and elaborate designs make it perfect for grand occasions, appealing to the diverse cultural tapestry in places like Indiana and Alaska. Masood Adnan's outfits provide a distinctive, elegant look that suits the festive and ceremonial vibe of weddings in the USA.


The prince coat and Sherwani offer unique advantages for grooms looking to make a statement on their wedding day. The choice ultimately depends on your style, comfort, and the wedding theme. Whether you opt for a prince coat's modern elegance or a sherwani's traditional grandeur, you'll undoubtedly look dashing and make your wedding day unforgettable.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I wear a prince coat for a traditional wedding?


Yes, a prince coat would look great at a traditional wedding, especially when you want to fuse modern and traditional elements. Select a jacket design with some fine embroidery work and wear it alongside other typical stuff to make it look culturally appealing.


Q: Is a sherwani suitable for a summer wedding?


Although sherwanis are often made from luxurious fabrics, more light options suit summer weddings better. To feel comfortable throughout the event, choose lighter embroidery and breathable fabrics like cotton or silk-based ones.


Q: How can I accessorize a prince coat?


You can accessorize a prince coat by wearing a stylish turban, pocket square, or even a statement brooch. The selection of accessories that relate to the coat's color and pattern will enhance its overall appearance.


Q: Can I rent a sherwani or prince coat in the USA?


Yes, rental options for both sherwanis and prince coats are offered by many bridal boutiques and specialized stores in major cities in the USA, such as Florida, Alaska, and San Francisco. This allows you to wear a high-quality outfit without the investment of purchasing one.


Q: What type of footwear goes best with a sherwani?


Traditional footwear like juttis or mojaris pairs well with a sherwani. These shoes are often embellished and match the regal look of the Sherwani, completing the ensemble beautifully.


Q: Can I mix traditional and modern elements in my wedding attire? 


Absolutely. Modern cuts and designs can be incorporated into traditional outfits like sherwanis and prince coats to create a unique and stylish look.


Q: How do I ensure my sherwani is comfortable for a long wedding day? 

Ensure a proper fit, and choose breathable fabrics. You can also look for sherwanis with less elaborate embroidery to keep the weight down.


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