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Top 10 Designer Sherwanis for Men in 2024: Look Dapper on Your Big Day

When it comes to your wedding day, looking your best is your main concern. A designer sherwani can make a bold statement by combining traditional elegance and charm with modern style. Here are the top 10 Designer Sherwanis for men to make sure you look dapper on your big day.

1.    Sabyasachi Sherwani

Sabyasachi is famous for luxury sherwanis that portray regal charm. His 2024 collection features complicated yet unique embroidery, rich fabrics, and timeless designs perfect for the grooms looking to leave an everlasting impression.

2.    Manish Malhotra Sherwani

Manish Malhotra is famous for his Bollywood/Indian style Sherwanis. Manish Malhotra's latest sherwani designs mix traditional aesthetics with contemporary flair.

3.    Tarun Tahiliani Sherwani

Tarun Tahiliani’s sherwanis are synonymous with grandiosity. His 2024 collection features elaborate patterns, hand-woven textiles, and a fusion of modern and classic elements.

4.    Rohit Bal Sherwani

Rohit Bal’s sherwanis are evidence of artistic expertise. The 2024 lineup includes unique floral motifs, bold colors, and exquisite fabrics, making them a standout choice for grooms.

5.    Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla Sherwani

Known for their unique and luxurious designs, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla's sherwanis in 2024 feature intricate embroidery, rich textures, and a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

6.    JJ Valaya Sherwani

JJ Valaya’s sherwanis are a celebration of royalty. His 2024 collection includes grand designs with rich embroideries and an opulent color palette, ideal for a majestic wedding look.

7.    Shantanu & Nikhil Sherwani

Shantanu & Nikhil offer sherwanis that are a perfect blend of contemporary style and traditional charm. Their 2024 collection features sleek designs with modern cuts and detailed embellishments.

8.    Kunal Rawal Sherwani

Kunal Rawal’s sherwanis are known for their modern, edgy designs. The 2024 collection includes innovative patterns, unique textures, and a loud appeal that’s perfect for the modern groom.

9.    Raghavendra Rathore Sherwani

Raghavendra Rathore’s sherwanis exude sophistication and class. The 2024 collection features clean lines, classic designs, and subtle yet intricate detailing, ideal for a timeless wedding look.

10.   Masood Adnan Sherwani

Masood Adnan sherwanis are all about grandeur and elegance. His 2024 collection features rich fabrics, detailed embroideries, and designs that make a bold statement.

Men Designer Wedding Sherwani

In the United States, men’s wedding sherwanis have become a fashionable and tasteful option for grooms: they combine the old-fashioned charm of traditional South Asian attire with up-to-date style. They are usually created from such luxurious textiles as silk or brocade and have fine needlework and decorations which make every marriage ceremony look more expensive. Pick from various models and shades, including time-honoured ivory-and-gold ones or bright red-and-blue ones, sherwanis offer versatile options, one for grooms who want to make a statement.

The men’s wedding sherwani is evidence of timeless tradition as it meets modern fashion. Multicultural weddings or those seeking a distinctively elegant look are the best occasions for the sherwani. Designer sherwani for men is not only a reflection of cultural heritage but also an alternative memorable option to the traditional tuxedo when paired with other coordinating accessories such as churidar pyjamas, mojaris, and matching turban hence making it perfect for the groom who desires to slay.

Luxury Designer Sherwani for Men - Masood Adnan

Designer Sherwanis for men are luxurious, an important component of South Asian formal dressing which has entered into the sector of fashion in the busy streets of the United States of America eliciting interest from persons who appreciate the opulence arising from a mixture of modern and centuries-old cultures. Using fine needlework or using luxurious materials such as velvet, and silk among others then finishing off by adding beautiful details makes them take on a royal appearance fit for such occasions as weddings or high-profile functions as well as cultural festivities. Their exceptional fitting and detailed design make sure that they look different. It is while multicultural fashion continues to grow that luxury sherwanis give a distinctive route for trendy Americans to make cultural statements in a very cool manner.

Latest Sherwani Designs for Men's Groom in the USA

In the United States, the new Sherwani fashion gives an impression of new and old styles that are attractive to all sorts of people who want to appear differently during rituals. New designs have complex stitches on them which come from Mughal and Persian patterns, such as silk, velvet or brocade combined with other materials. Slim cuts and tailored fits are used in these designs, making them attractive to trend-setters but at the same time presenting a dignified outlook. The common color ranges are dark rich tones; traditional gold, and black ones; and elegant light shades which can work well for daytime as well as night events.

As an add-on; Western accents are being tried out among other things which implies combining this kind of decorations with those specific to the occidental culture to come up with one distinctive, cross-cultural appeal that resonates with the American market's penchant for individuality and innovation.

Shop Now The Best designer sherwani for men

When selecting the best sherwani for men in the USA, it's essential to consider both traditional elegance and modern trends. You can opt for Masood Adnan’s sherwanis blend of classic Indian style with contemporary Western styles to appeal to diverse tastes.

When choosing designer sherwani for men, look for high-quality fabrics like silk, brocade, and velvet, which provide a luxurious feel and a regal appearance. Unique embroidery, zari work, and subtle decorations can enhance the sherwani's appeal without overwhelming it. For a versatile choice, go for neutral colors like ivory, beige, or navy, which can suit various occasions from weddings to festive events. Pairing the sherwani with a well-fitted churidar or trousers and elegant mojari shoes completes the ensemble, ensuring a sophisticated and culturally rich look suitable for the modern American man.

Wedding Sherwani Trends for Men - Order Now

In the USA, developments in wedding sherwani trends are increasingly orienting towards combining traditional grace with modernity to suit the different needs of men who want to identify with their culture during marriage. These days, you will find heavily embroidered nice-looking designer sherwanis for men made from expensive materials like silk or velvet which may be softly decorated too. Furthermore, more colors are being used other than the usual bright reds and golden yellows; now people can wear dark blues, and deep purples among others thus creating more options for people with various tastes.

Similarly, tighter fitting clothes as well as westernized designs that feature simple lines but still have some intricate work done on them such as fusion attires where parts of both cultures’ attires have been combined into one outfit so they look like they belong with each other better represents today’s worldview where different worlds collide but blend seamlessly into each other over time without losing any uniqueness along honouring their cultural roots. This fusion of the old and new in sherwani trends ensures that grooms in the USA can find the perfect attire that resonates with both their heritage and contemporary fashion sensibilities.

By choosing a designer sherwani, you ensure that you look sophisticated and stylish on your big day. Explore these top picks and find the perfect one to make your wedding unforgettable.

FAQs about Designer Sherwanis for Men


1. What is the best fabric for a sherwani?

The best fabrics for a sherwani are silk, brocade and velvet. These materials offer a luxurious look and feel, ideal for weddings and special occasions.

2. How should a sherwani fit?

A traditional sherwani fits across the shoulders and chest before tapering off at its waist. Ideally, it should end right below your knees.

3. Can I wear a sherwani with Western shoes?

As much as it is recommended to put on traditional footwear such as mojaris and juttis when wearing sherwani, you might decide to put on western loafers or dress shoes for a blend-style appearance.

4. What colors are trending for Sherwanis in 2024?

Deep maroons, royal blues, emerald greens and classic golds are some of the trending colors for sherwanis in 2024. Pastel shades and ivory are also quite popular for a more traditional look.

5. How do I accessorize a sherwani?

You can add a matching turban, a statement brooch, a pocket square, cufflinks as well as traditional footwear to accessorize your sherwani. An additional stole or shawl can be included for more elegance.

6. Can sherwanis be customized?

Yes, many designers offer customization options including Masood Adnan to tailor the sherwani as per your measurements and tastes.

7. How do I care for my sherwani?

Dry clean your sherwani to maintain its quality. Store it in a cool, dry place, preferably in a garment bag, to protect it from dust and moisture.

8. Are there any eco-friendly options for sherwanis?

Yes, some designers are now offering eco-friendly sherwanis made from sustainable fabrics and ethical production methods.

9. Where can I buy designer sherwanis in the USA?

You can purchase designer sherwanis from high-end boutiques, designer stores, and online platforms specializing in Indian ethnic wear. Some popular online stores include Utsav Fashion, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Masood Adnan and Aza Fashions.


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