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Top 5 Sherwani Colors for Mens Wedding in 2024: make a bold statement

Every groom must select his wedding outfit carefully. For men who want up-to-date trends on their wedding day, several sherwani colors make a bold statement with mens wedding sherwani in the year 2024. This article will help you through our first five sherwani colors this year so that you look your best on your special day. Whether designer or not, this blog will give you the most amazing ideas for a perfect wedding outfit when looking for the Best Sherwani for Men.

 mens wedding sherwani

1.  Classic Ivory: Timeless Elegance


Ivory is still one of the most popular choices amongst grooms, and it keeps its allure even in 2024. It is an excellent selection if one prefers traditional sherwanis for its innate sophistication and elegance. An ivory-colored sherwani can go well with fancy gold embroidery or ornaments, making it appear lavish.


Why Choose Ivory?


●        Versatility: Ivory pairs well with different accessories, which can be matched to various colored turbans or stoles.

●        Timelessness: This color has become a bridal staple fashion item over many decades, suggesting that your wedding photographs remain stylish forever.

●        Cultural Significance: People often associate ivory with purity and new beginnings.

2.  Regal Maroon: Royalty Redefined


Being a color of elegance and richness, Maroon Speaking of 2024, maroon sherwanis are back with a bang - especially for nighttime weddings. A bold and daring color that is perfect for a groom who wants to make an impression on their wedding day.


Why Choose Maroon?


Luxury: Maroon is rich and royal.

Bold Statement: Perfect for catching the eye and ensuring everyone knows, this is a definite hit!

Styling Tip: Maroon sherwani can be paired with gold and silver stitching to make your outfit look even more royal.

3.  Elegant Navy Blue for Modern Sophistication


Modern Grooms have increasingly liked Navy Blue as a color of choice. It looks stylish and is the perfect solution for contemporary weddings. You could dress up a navy blue sherwani with metallic accents or keep it simple if you want some understated elegance.


Why Choose Navy Blue?


Contemporary Look: Navy blue is a fashionable color for modern wedding themes.

Versatile: This color goes well with several accessories, from silver jewelry to hair-turbans.

Sophisticated Look:  The Navy emits confidence and sophistication rather than the common black suit, which can make a groom, look dapper without making too big of an entrance.

4.  Vibrant Emerald Green: Nature's Luxury


Also, this emerald green color is a lively and abundant hue that has been growing in momentum for the groom sherwani option on men's wedding wear in 2024. This shade provides an outdoorsy or nature-inspired look & there could not be a better option for outdoor weddings.


Why Choose Emerald Green?


Unique selection: Set apart from classic wedding hues with this bright, punchy color.

Nature Inspired: Emerald green is the color of growth and harmony, which makes it a meaningful selection for weddings.

Pairing Potential: A great partner for this color option is gold or beige accents to flow with its natural beauty.

5.  Charcoal Grey – Sophisticated and Elegant


In this charcoal grey surprise, the color choice is unique, yet it looks as rich and stylish as a wedding sherwani. It is for that kind of groom who prefers a modern twist on his traditional wedding attire and still be fashionable.


Why Choose Charcoal Grey?


Modern Twists: Gives this color a contemporary edge but with lots of class.

Versatile: Brown is neutral, but charcoal grey can be matched easily with anything from bright colors to metallic accents.

Elegant and understated: This Charcoal Grey is an ideal option for grooms who wish to avoid standing out in bright colors yet make a notable appearance.

Choosing the Best Mens Wedding Sherwani

Picking out the perfect sherwani for men is a challenging task. It involves several considerations: color, design, fabric, and personal style. Here are a few tips that may help you in selecting the best sherwani:


Consider the Wedding Theme: The sherwani you choose should blend well with the theme and color scheme of the wedding.


Fabric Matters: Opt for a fabric that makes you comfortable and suits the season. Silk, brocade and velvet can always go right at any time.


Customization: choose a designer sherwani tailored to your measurements and style choices. Masood Adnan is a USA-based designer that offers customization services to its clients. Regarding accessories for your sherwani ensure coordination with a turban, stole, and traditional jewelry paying attention to details always completes the look.

Wedding Outfit Ideas

Alongside the sherwani, these are other wedding outfit ideas to make your look complete and well-coordinated:


Traditional Accessories: Enhance your sherwani with classic accessories like a jeweled brooch, pearl necklace, and embroidered mojaris.


Coordinated Outfits: Ensure your sherwani complements your bride's attire in color coordination to create a synchronized look. This can uplift the essence of your wedding pictures.


Layering: An interesting approach to take into consideration is layering. You can use a stylish stole or an embroidered vest  it will not only enhance your outfit by adding depth but also by including more colors and patterns; you have a chance of making it even more appealing.

Sherwani Colors:

The colors of sherwani in the USA reflect classic elegance and a more contemporary style. Royal blue, maroon and emerald green are immensely popular for their dignity and regality. Neutral shades, like ivory, beige and classic black, tend to speak more to modern and trendy sophistication in weddings, celebrations and other formal events, making these neutrals a versatile palette that can work across many occasions. Pastel shades, including mint green, soft pink and lavender, are also becoming more popular for summer weddings and other lighter events among younger generations and are great options for those seeking a fresh and fashionable way to make a couple look good together on special occasions. These color trends allow individuals to maintain their cultural heritage and originality with clothing options that fit seamlessly into contemporary American clothing culture.

Traditional Designer Sherwani for Mens Wedding:

Designer sherwanis have also become more frequent in recent years, with an added touch of glitz with elaborate embroidery, beadwork and design elements using a merging style of traditional and contemporary design aesthetics. Designer sherwanis of Manyavar, Jinaam’s, Masood Adnan, Sabyasachi and Samyakk provides designer sherwanis for men in USA. For weddings, men wear sherwanis either with churidar or dhotis and complete the regal look with a matching turban and mojari. Traditional sherwanis often have fabrics made of silk, brocade, and velvet that have a unique impact on everyone around you.


Making a bold statement with men's wedding sherwani is about choosing the right color and style that reflects your personality and complements the wedding theme. The top sherwani colors for 2024 offer a range of options, from classic and traditional to modern and vibrant. Whether you prefer ivory's timeless elegance or charcoal grey's sophisticated charm, there's a perfect sherwani waiting for you. By considering the best sherwani for men and exploring designer sherwani for men, you can create a memorable and stylish wedding outfit that stands the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1.      What are the main colors for men's weddings that are scheduled to be worn in 2024 by a groom in his sherwani?


The top sherwani colors for men's weddings in 2024 include classic ivory, regal maroon, elegant navy blue, vibrant emerald green, and sophisticated charcoal grey.


2.      How do I pick the perfect sherwani for my wedding?


Selecting the most suitable sherwani for your wedding involves deliberating factors like the wedding theme, fabric, customization options, and accessories that come with it. Equally essential is opting for color and design that resonate well with your style.


3.      Can I wear a sherwani for a modern wedding?


Of course, sherwanis can be adapted to fit modern wedding styles. Regarding colors, navy blue and charcoal grey can help you achieve a contemporary appearance; alternatively, you can imbue traditional designs with a touch of modernity through unique embellishments and accessories.


4.      What should I pair with my sherwani?


A matching turban or stole would do nicely, along with some traditional jewelry or a jeweled brooch. And why not complement them with a pearl necklace and embroidered mojaris?


5.      Can I coordinate my sherwani with my bride's outfit?


Coordinating your sherwani with your bride's outfit can create a harmonious and visually appealing look. You can match colors or choose complementary shades to enhance your wedding photos.


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